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  • Blog Post: OBA Sample Application Kits available now!

    If you’re looking for guidance on how to integrate SAP and/or PeopleSoft into your Office applications, then the OBA Sample Application Kits are a great place to start. These kits provide good documentation and source code to help you get up and running quickly. The kits include: 1. Source code for...
  • Blog Post: ODC2008 content published!

    ODC2008 presentations, keynotes and news are now published externally! You can access these by going to and clicking on the ODC2008 tab, or directly via the link below: - Khawar
  • Blog Post: Open XML SDK Roadmap

    Open XML SDK roadmap was announced last week. For those who aren't familiar with this SDK, it is an API for .NET developers and designed to make it easier to build Open XML solutions. Full details at Doug Mahugh's blog below:
  • Blog Post: Soma's blog post on Office development and Visual Studio

    Soma Somasegar (VP, dev div) posted an interesting post on Office development recently. Here's the link: - Khawar
  • Blog Post: New OBA book now available!

    Several folks from the extended OBA team and MVPs have been diligently working on an OBA book and I'm pleased to let you know it has now been published! Written by Rob Barker, Joanna Bichsel, Adam Buenz, Steve Fox, John Holliday, Bhushan Nene, and Karthik Ravindran, it's a practical guide to using the...
  • Blog Post: Update: 2008 Office Developer Conference is only 18 work days away!

    First, we're now only 18 work days away from ODC 2008!! There's some excellent OBA related content and world class speakers in each and every track so if you haven't checked out the details yet, I encourage you to do so now. You can find details of the various tracks and sessions via the links below...
  • Blog Post: New OBA eLearning Content on OBA Central

    We recently went live with some new content on OBA Central to make learning about OBAs easier. You can check out the new Silverlight based OBA elearning modules on via the following link: As well, OBA Central has licensed various...
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