I’m pleased to announce the release 1.3 of the LINQ to SharePoint 2010 DSL Extension for Visual Studio 2010 on MSDN Code Gallery.


Extension overview

LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extension is a free add-in to enhance the LINQ to SharePoint development experience in Visual Studio 2010.

This extension provides the way to manage a design model of the LINQ to SharePoint entities, and to generate entities and repository classes automatically.

This feature adds 2 new SharePoint 2010 items in Visual Studio, called “LINQ to SharePoint Data Model” and “LINQ to SharePoint Data Model Repository Generator”.


New features in version 1.3

This version contains the following enhancements:

  • New C# and VB.NET  Repository code generator to automatically implement a repository pattern from a LINQ to SharePoint data model file
  • New experimental feature to automatically generate the lists and content types definitions XML files from a model
  • Support model import from non-English SharePoint sites
  • New Adventure Works LT sample toolkit




Downloads and links

Project web site

Home: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/linq2spdsl/


Download:   LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extention.v1.3.msi (4 301 Ko)


Download:    LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extention.v1.3.xps (4 768 Ko)
Download:    LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extention.v1.3.pdf (3 496 Ko)
Download:    AdventureWorksLT Sample Kit.zip (3 496 Ko)