I'm very proud to announce the releases of two new Apps for SharePoint 2013.

These apps are 100% SharePoint hosted apps, are free and availlable on codeplex. These apps are both based on some on my prefered JQuery extensions. Thanks a lot to the extension's authors for these great JQuery plugins.

QRCode App for SharePoint 2013

Marketplace page:  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/store/qrcode-app-for-sharepoint-WA103699711.aspx?recstype=ProviderApps

Web site: https://qrcodeapp.codeplex.com/

The QRCode App is an app part to generate dynamically QRCode in your SharePoint's pages. With this app part, you can insert qrcode with the URL or text of your choice and choose the size that you want. This tool is based on the excellent jquery.qrcode.js jquery extension by Jerome Etienne.

Screenshot :

Galleriffic App for SharePoint 2013

Marketplace page: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/store/galleriffic-app-for-sharepoint-WA103699708.aspx?redir=0

Web site: https://gallerifficapp.codeplex.com/

Galleriffic App is an app part for SharePoint 2013 to display a pictures gallery with cool JQuery animations and effects. This App is based on the excellent Galleriffic jquery extension by Trent Foley.

Screenshot :