• OData Team

    Create your own hosted Astoria Data Service

    At the Mix 2007 conference we announced an Astoria CTP which included two major pieces: CTP bits you can download, install and run on your own systems and an experimental read only online service over a few sample (northwind, etc) sets of data that we...
  • OData Team

    Compatibility heads-up: prototype != production code

    It's amazing to see how many people are building great things with Astoria so early in the cycle. We talk with folks in the development community often and we hear stories that range from teaching classes, to giving talks, to building experimental systems...
  • OData Team

    Want to work in the Astoria team? We’re hiring!

    It’s been some time now since we switched from “incubation mode”, where it was just a couple of guys hacking stuff, into “production mode”, were we are building a product, following good engineering practices, spending a ton of time on every design detail...
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