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    MIX08 is almost here...

    Its been a year since Pablo first announced Project Astoria at MIX 07. Since then we've started from scratch and build a production version of the product which is now known as the ADO.NET Data Services Framework. At the MIX conference this time around...
  • OData Team

    Related entries and feeds: links and link expansion

    While going through application scenarios for the ADO.NET Data Services Framework (Project Astoria) one of the first things we noticed is that data-centric applications usually want to bring down graphs of related resources in each interaction with the...
  • OData Team

    AtomPub support in the ADO.NET Data Services Framework

    We have been looking for the last few months at adding first-class support for AtomPub to Project Astoria (we briefly touched on it before here ). We are at a point where we have some parts of the AtomPub story and their initial implementation running...
  • OData Team

    Why ADO.NET Data Services Framework (aka Astoria)?

    I've responded to a few posts on our online forums asking what the motivations were for building Astoria. After one of our recent posts to the forums a comment was left that the replies would be a good blog post. So, what follows is a few of my responses...
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