• OData Team

    Optimistic Concurrency & Data Services

    Different applications have different requirements around consistency and how concurrent modifications are handled. I’ll oversimplify and put all these applications in two buckets: either you care about controlling concurrent changes or you don’t. If...
  • OData Team

    Batching Data Service Requests

    We have received a fair amount of feedback regarding a number of use cases where it would be beneficial to enable a client of a data service to “batch” up a group of operations and send them to the data service in a single HTTP request . This reduces...
  • OData Team

    IUpdatable & ADO.NET Data Services Framework

    Astoria service allows reading/querying of data via the already-established IQueryable interface – this helps in abstracting Astoria from the underlying data source. But there is no existing interface for the update operations (CUD – create, update, delete...
  • OData Team

    Using REST Services in Silverlight 2

    We have received a lot of feedback over the past few weeks asking when will be update the Silverlight library for data services. I thought I'd put up a short post to update everyone on where we are at and what our thinking is.... I'll start by saying...
  • OData Team

    Astoria Online Service --> SQL Server Data Services

    Around a year ago in the Mix 2007 conference we announced Project Astoria, an overall initiative to understand how data is used on the web and what frameworks, tools and services could we create to enable new and better applications in this space. Several...
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