• OData Team

    Data Services Release Plan Update

    We’ve heard a lot of feedback since we first discussed our plans to create v1.5 of Data Services ( ).  Since that time we’ve been busy improving...
  • OData Team

    Introducing the Microsoft Open Data Protocol Visualizer (CTP1)

    1. Introduction The Open Data Protocol Visualizer for Visual Studio CTP1 (“the visualizer”) is a extension that provides a read-only visualization of the types, properties, associations, and other objects in the Entity Data Model (EDM) returned from...
  • OData Team

    Breaking Down ‘Data Silos’ – The Open Data Protocol (OData)

    A few weeks ago we posted about steps we’ve been taking to enable a wide range of data sources (DB, SharePoint, Reports, Cloud storage services, etc) to expose their data for programmatic access from any platform (Java, PHP, Silverlight, .NET, AJAX, etc...
  • OData Team

    Simplifying our n-tier development platform: making 3 things 1 thing

    As you’ve probably observed, we’ve been working hard over the past year or so to grow our application stacks to better support the types of applications (Silverlight, rich desktop, AJAX, etc) and services (SOAP, REST, etc) that are required to build modern...
  • OData Team

    Enabling X-Domain access to your Data Services

    In the Astoria V1.5 CTP2 release, we introduced support for X-Domain and Out Of Browser access to Data Services in our Silverlight client library. This blog post talks about how to enable Cross-Domain access to Data Services from the Silverlight client...
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