• OData Team

    Entity Set Resolver

    Problem Statement: In previous versions, the WCF Data Services .NET and Silverlight client libraries always assumed that all collections (aka entity sets) had the same base URI. This assumption was in place because the library used the URI provided...
  • OData Team

    Additional Feed Customization Support

    1.      Problem: In the previous version, WCF Data Services introduced the feed customization feature. This feature enabled users to map properties to certain elements in the Atom document. As an example, users could map a name property...
  • OData Team

    Named Resource Streams

    One of the new WCF Data Services features in the October 2010 CTP is something called Named Resource Streams. Background Data Services already supports Media Link Entries which allows you to associate a single streamed blob with an entry.   For example...
  • OData Team

    Introduction to Multi-Valued Properties

    Although you may see both the terms, “Bags” and “Multi-Valued Property”, they refer to the same thing. While this naming change was not included with the latest WCF Data Services 2010 October CTP release, based on community feedback, we’ve decided to...
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