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  • Blog Post: [Tutorial & Sample] How to use OData Client Code Generator to generate client-side proxy class

    Edited on July 09, 2014 by updating “Add OData Client Proxy File” for V2.0.0 and adding "Appendix" part. Please refer to " OData Client Code Generator 2.0.0 release " for V2.0.0 release notes Edited on Apr 29, 2014 by adding "Upgrade the Project Dependencies to the Most Recent Version...
  • Blog Post: Trying out the prerelease OData Client T4 template

    TL;DR We recently prereleased an updated OData Client T4 template to NuGet. The template will codegen classes for working with OData v3 services, but full support has not been added for all v3 features. What is the OData Client T4 template? The OData Client T4 template is a T4 template that generates...
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