First of all, thanks to all those who have been submitting proposals for sessions! As of my last count (which was sometime last week), we had ~ 120 sessions identified (both internal and external submissions). This is far more than the total sessions we will have so the track owners have their work cut out for them. At the same time, this is great from an attendee point of view as the list is full of interesting sessions (random sampling of some terms that jumped out: Silverlight, custom workflows, Amazon web services, virtual earth, mashups, presence, OBA, telephony, hosted services, faceted search, SAP, Office 14 insights, and the list goes on). If you haven't sent in your submission yet, do send it in soon because the sessions selection is just getting underway and always great to have additional interesting content.

Many other things have been happening behind the scenes, some of them fun and others because they just have to be done. For example, we've been discussing some ideas for contests at the conference to make it more than just a string of sessions, and I'm definitely pleased with the direction we're headed in.  As I am learning, having a contest is easier said than done. For example, you need to follow certain rules otherwise you risk running into gaming laws. There's also the issue of taxability, which depends on residency status, and so on. More on this topic as we work throught these and details are finalized.

We're also actively trying to get the word out about the conference (internally and externally) and that Early Bird Registration ends in just a few weeks on 11/30. So, if you blog, please take a few minutes to chime in with your thoughts and help us spread the word! And if you are planning to attend as I hope, do use the image below to tell everyone you'll be there!


 - Khawar