We recently did some internal analysis of ODC 2008 content and speakers and wanted to share some basic stats with you:

FYI - initial session list titles are now posted by track on www.odc2008.com and the abstracts will be published later today.

Total sessions: 82

 (note: the total session count may adjust slightly as we fine tune the session list) 

We had originally planned a more modest 60-70 sessions but had so many interesting and relevant submissions that we ended up adding some additional slots to accomodate the extra sessions. 

MS vs External speakers: ~50% each!  

Our original plan was to select the best sessions and then do a sanity check + any necessary adjustments to make sure we have at least 30% external speakers to really have a diverse mix of individuals, ideas and expertize. As it turns out, we are about even for internal vs external speakers, which is great.

Session distribution by track:

Server (primarly SharePoint server but also others such as project server, Duet, Dynamics) leads the pack in terms of total sessions. Client track is a close second in terms of # of sessions, and the rest are about equally distributed. The architecture and services tracks should be very interesting as these are both topics we're focusing on for the first time in an Office developer focused conference.

ODC session distribution by track

Session distrubution by level:

We have good 200 level content at ODC, but much of the content at ODC will be at the 300 level, and some 400 level sessions for the experts. BTW, if you are new to Office dev, don't let this discourage your from attending. In addition to the 200 sessions, we have an Office 101 pre-conference on Sun Feb 10 to ramp you up so you will be in good shape to go through the more advanced level sessions during the conference. Check www.odc2008.com for info on the pre-con.

Session distribution by session level

More stats and details to follow :) 

Happy Holidays!

- Khawar