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  • Blog Post: Run an app for Office consistently in different browsers

    Apps for Office can run in different browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. However, different browsers support web standards differently . In this article, we use the Wikipedia app for Office as an example to show that the document.selection method is not supported...
  • Blog Post: Use Visual Studio 2012 to debug JavaScript code outside the running project

    In this article, we will share a Visual Studio debugging tip for debugging JavaScript files that are outside apps for Office projects—for example, a JavaScript file built from multiple source files in the project, or a JavaScript file hosted in the cloud. We will use the Wikipedia app for Office (available...
  • Blog Post: Writing data from apps to Office documents

    Inserting content into your Office documents is an important part of the app model. In this post, we'll talk about the Wikipedia app, how it inserts information into your documents, and ways you can use these APIs in your own apps. A key feature of Office extensibility is that you can interact with your...
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