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Effective July 22, 2014, this Microsoft Office developer blogs network is retired. We've moved to a new location:

Please join us in this new location to keep reading all the latest news about Office, Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange development. Here's the RSS feed for the new Office Developer blog:

Don't worry, we won't delete any of these MSDN blog posts – they'll stay here so you can continue to refer to them for the information you need.

  • Outlook dev blog

    Using SQL Server Table-Valued User-defined Functions with Exchange Web Services

    A just-posted technical article by Jim Kleewein and Ray Dixon describes how to combine the SQL Server Tables and Exchange Web Services to access your Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Inbox data from Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005. This cool integration enables...
  • Outlook dev blog

    Searching for your search folders?

    Search folders in Exchange are a very powerful tool, but there is one quirk that often hangs developers up when they try to use them: “How do you create a search folder that can be seen in Outlook?”. Creating a search folder that is viewable in Outlook...
  • Outlook dev blog

    When FindItem won't get what GetItem has!

    Okay, all you Exchange Web Services programmers out there. Since probably half of you have asked this question already, let me save the other half from half a day of half insanity trying to figure it out. The question in question? “Where the @#$($ is...
  • Outlook dev blog

    Welcome to the Microsoft Exchange Development Blog

    Hi, and welcome to the Microsoft Exchange Development Blog . This post kicks off a new avenue for getting information to you about Microsoft Exchange development. We (the Exchange SDK UE team) coordinate the Microsoft Exchange Development Blog and are...
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