First of all, Office Live WorkSpace has added language support for Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Latvia, and Slovenia to use the localised service.

WorkSpaces also get long-awaited FOLDERS, full cut/copy/paste and file storage is being increased to a very respectable 5GB

There’s also a brand new Community and Support site at

For Office Live Small Business, several new features have been added to enhance ease of use :

  1. Custom colour selector – choose exactly the colours you want in the website templates, even match them to your company logo.
  2. Custom page zone resizing – new zone templates have been added, along with the ability to resize each zone to your exact needs.
  3. Custom backgrounds – apply custom colours, colour gradients and even images to your entire site or to individual web pages.

Last but not least, there’s also a new Community and Support site for Office Live Small Business at

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