I was recently talking to a small business owner who provides software products and services to the Architecture industry. Business has been very good historically, largely due to the UK property boom. I’d assumed that things would not now be so good, and sure enough monthly revenues have taken a dip. However, a couple of new trends are helping to keep things buoyant. First of all, sales of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software went through the roof in the early part of 2009, mainly to Architects who had recently departed a large practice and set up on their own. Secondly, Architects specialising in sustainable buildings are not seeing so much of a downturn, some of them are actually experiencing an increase. Similarly, designers of schools are benefitting from Government commitments to accelerate the rebuilding of State schools during this difficult period. So, every cloud has a silver lining, and it seems that Architects who accurately predicted some of these new trends will fare better than others.

With Office Live WorkSpace storage now increased to 5GB, are Architects likely to start storing and sharing their drawing files with colleagues, clients and business partners ?

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