In these difficult times, more and more people are polishing their CV just in case the worst happens. Someone told me the other day that they learnt their lesson the hard way about backing up important files. They had one copy of their CV on their home computer and when the hard-drive failed they lost everything. Fortunately, they weren’t looking for a job at the time, but who knows what’s round the corner ? An Office Live WorkSpace is the perfect place to store important files like your CV. This provides a backup of the file, so that in the event of a PC being lost, stolen or failing, it can be retrieved from any internet connected computer. A Workspace also allows you to collaborate on documents, so that if you want a friend to help improve your CV, they can be invited into the WorkSpace to make comments or suggest changes, all of which is fully tracked.

Have you backed up your important files, or is it time to start using a WorkSpace ?

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