Belly dancing, photography and perfume

We always love to hear about the wonderful ways in which businesses are using Office Live, so we thought it would be a great idea to share a few stories with you. And if you're one of thousands of other companies using Office Live, then please do get in touch (see sidebar) to let us know how you're using it and your experience of doing so. You're the reason we make all this exciting stuff.

clairedanceFirst up, we have Claire Novis, a performer and teacher of Egyptian style Belly Dance and from Newcastle. Claire used Office Live to set up her company website at and uses it on an ongoing basis to manage all of her publicity, contacts and communications wherever she happens to be in the country.

We think the site looks great and if we were in Newcastle ourselves, we might just consider working off those Easter eggs at the next round of classes starting in Jesmond from late April onwards.

Philip steven photographyPhilip Stevens is a great photographer but (by his own admission) is no website coder. So, when he started searching the internet for the best solution to his needs and came across Office Live he literally couldn't believe it."Could this be correct? - free domain, website hosting, business email, all with no contract and no fee?? I was skeptical. After signing up, I was expecting a 'pop up' asking me to pay for additional services or to continue using the service - but no, it all seemed to be for real!" says Phillip. He was up and running within a couple of days and simply having a business site and a business email address helped him secure new business. 

His next plans include using the additional elements of Office Live including web advertising, after a move to Cheltenham and the need to establish a local presence effectively and quickly. Philip uses both PC and Mac with Microsoft software on both machines and says that Office Live has been particularly useful in his business and is going to play an increasingly important role in his business success. Good luck Phillip and let us know how you get on. Oh and check out his company website at

1950 square bottle small size - isabelle parfunmsCompleting our magical trio we have Isabelle Gellé, who first heard of Office Live through a few business forums that she registered with after the team here was looking for small businesses in the UK to try out Office Live; “I went to the Office Live website to see what it was all about because when people tell you something is free, you are a bit wary. But I did understand that Microsoft was trying to tackle small business issues and, as it was Microsoft, I thought I can’t be in bad hands and, as it was free, I had nothing to lose so it didn’t take me too long to decide to sign up.”

From there she's gone from strength to strength and believes that her decision to go with Office Live has been crucial in promoting her business and providing her with quality leads for future customers - “For me, Office Live has been very positive. 90% of my business is generated through my Office Live website. So I cannot say anything bad about it. I also get quality leads and not any junk mail; and the occasion when I do get junk mail, it goes straight into my junk email box.”

It's stats like that which make us very happy indeed, so be sure to have a look at and see for yourself what some of her customers think of her perfumes 

Remember, If you're a business that's used Office Live and would like to share your experiences with us, then please do get in touch.

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