Over the years I’ve met some very talented people through work. Some great managers, inspirational leaders, passionate evangelists and enlightened marketers to name but a few.

However, just when you think you know someone, they can surprise you with a ‘second life’ outside of their day job (and I’m not talking about the online gaming genre).

A chap I know called Dominic, has been a helpful ally with Office Live in the UK. If we need someone to do some training or presentations in far-flung destinations, Dominic can be called upon to jump in his car and deliver a polished session.



So, nobody was more surprised than me to discover that Dominic has a hobby, that he’s turned into a second career, performing as a tribute artist at restaurants, bars, clubs, weddings, engagements and other private functions.

Naturally, Dominic has built an Office Live website to promote his business venture. It’s a nice, crisp site which includes a photo gallery, MP3 files of his singing, song lists, testimonials and more.


There’s no clever tricks, the website uses the standard Office Live tools. This just goes to show that if you get the copy and photography right, you’re already halfway there to a great website.

Have a look at the website yourself at : www.dominickaye.co.uk

Do get in contact if you have a hobby that Office Live has helped you turn into a business.

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