I’m quite often asked how to display date availability, or reservation status, on an Office Live website. This is typically for a site that is promoting something like a holiday let, bed and breakfast or a small hotel.

Office Live does incorporate an ’Event Calendar’ module, which is great for posting lists of things like company events to the website, but was not really designed for simply showing ongoing availability of some form of rental asset.

I happened to come across an Office Live website promoting safari holidays in South Africa - http://www.cambalala.com. This is a nicely built site, with good use of imagery and well-written copy. It also has some creative add-ons facilitating a 3D photography tour, integration of YouTube videos, and even an RSS feed for the online Guest Book. One section of the site that stood out for me was the Booking and Availability section, where a simple, free of charge, utility from www.dateblocker.com allows accommodation availability to be displayed very elegantly and without the need for any technical skills.

I’ve tested the Dateblocker service and it is indeed free of charge. Once you have input your availability dates, it generates some basic html code that that you simply add to your Office Live webpage through the ‘module/html’ feature. Here’s what the end result looks like :


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