The stereotypical image of teachers and lecturers offices piled high with papers is fading rapidly as online document storage solutions come to the fray. Not only this, but there’s also a need to embrace the web with the same level of enthusiasm as students, many of whom have eschewed paper from an early age. You only have to observe today’s Teens to see that their lives evolve around Messenger, Email, Facebook, etc with paper printouts being a rarity. Even homework, often completed in Word, Excel or other desktop applications, is increasingly being submitted by email or by posting to a school server or online WorkSpace.

With school and college budgets stretched, IT staff are looking for low-cost or free alternatives to running and maintaining their own servers, especially as they rarely offer more than basic file storage functionality in a world where students expect much more.

Office Live WorkSpace is gaining increasing support from both schools and colleges as a way to replace or supplement the traditional on-premise infrastructure. An example of this is the London Grid For Learning who recently launched Microsoft Live@Edu services for 1 million students across London. Those students will get access to a wide variety of hosted services including mobile, desktop and web-based email, Office Live WorkSpace, Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Spaces. This will ensure that students can use the latest technology to collaborate and share at school, just as they are already doing at home.

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