As I write we’ve just had yet another bank holiday in the UK (any American readers might note that’s what we call public holidays over here). There were two last month but sadly none for my birthday a couple of weeks back, which isn’t yet a matter for public jubilation (and the DVD I was given wasn’t all that great either).

Technology means we can keep in touch and remain productive regardless of bank holidays, but I do wonder whether we’re actually starting to take that too far. A hand-held device means that when I’m doing something like editing the supplement I put together for the Times for its issue of the 29th ( I was able to check emails even whilst watching the TV in the evening, visiting the garden centre over the weekend, you name it. The initial commissioning of that piece happened over Easter so this was useful.

And yet…

If I’m honest, pleased though I was with my output, I’d have to say I don’t relish the idea that my generation and all of its successors are going to start judging themselves on Easter breaks by ‘outputs’. I well remember when I started working on features on how technology was going to help us all develop a better work/life balance and do you know, I’m certain there was nothing about it making work take over your breaks.

I don’t know about all this. Maybe time to remember that excellent though the technology is (and the supplement is going to be a source of both pride and funds for my next holiday so let’s not moan), we’re supposed to be in charge of it and not the other way around?

This is a guest-post from Guy Clapperton, a freelance journalist who has specialised in the small business arena for over a decade. 

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