imageThe Microsoft Virtual Earth platform is an integrated set of services that provides quality geospatial data, rich imagery, cutting-edge technology, and dependable performance that helps organisations visualise data and provide immersive end-user experiences.

To help audiences track and visualise the Swine Flu outbreak, the BBC uses Virtual Earth to provide an interactive resource for Swine Flu information. Site visitors can access Virtual Earth interactive maps that not only mark outbreak locations but also provide Swine Flu-related news, including text, video and audio content. Audiences can also access directly from the map eyewitness accounts provided by BBC readers, adding an additional level of context. See

Similarly, to track MP’s expenses via Virtual Earth, you can take a cheeky peek at this website.

The link to Office Live is that you can easily use Virtual Earth with your Office Live website. Just grab the html code and drop it onto your web pages using the html module. Here’s an example :

Lastly, with Virtual Earth and Photosynth now joined at the hip, you may also want to see how Photosynth can be integrated into an Office Live website. I recommend you check out, a modernist house recently featured in Channel 4’s Grand Designs

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