imageGoogle’s Street View technology, whilst impressive at one level, also gives rise to privacy concerns wherever it goes. Indeed, Street View has been completely banned in Greece, with other countries watching developments.

If you have concerns about the Street View car coming down your road, you now have to contend with a trike potentially intruding even further. Where will it all end ? Will they be mounting cameras on peoples heads and having them peer over your garden fence next  ?

Microsoft has some similar technology but takes a different approach. By mashing together Virtual Earth and Photosynth, there’s the possibility for local businesses and communities to produce their own views of their streets, on their terms. This has all sorts of potential applications for estate agents, tourism, retail, media and local councils, to name but a few. Read more about Virtual Earth and Photosynth here.

As you probably know by now, its a piece of cake to integrate Virtual Earth mapping technologies into your Office live website, so what are you waiting for ?

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