image Project management is a rich and varied topic, but one issue that comes up time and time again is how to collaborate effectively with others working on a project team.

Office Live WorkSpace provides everything you need to do this very easily and at zero cost. All that’s required is an internet-connected computer (yes, even a Mac) and a Windows Live ID.

When your project file has grown in size to something that’s no longer appropriate to email, then Office Live WorkSpace comes into it’s own even more. With 5GB of free storage, you’re unlikely to run out of space. You can stop worrying about exceeding team members' email storage space or having to transfer documents using a USB drive. There are no complex infrastructures to install or maintain, and all your documents are fully password-protected. Even when out of the office, you'll always have your project documents close by.

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See this article, including a short video tutorial, on sharing workspaces and documents using Office Live Workspace

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