There’s been a lot of speculation about Google and Twitter recently – acquisition rumours, partnerships and so on. It does appear now that Google has recognised that Twitter is a serious player in Search, and even has some key advantages so far as real-time information goes.

I have to say, as someone who uses Twitter quite a bit, I’m impressed. is great for finding breaking news, be it local, national or global. Of course, the quality of the news is only as good as the person Twittering, but if something's getting re-Tweeted and replied to with a vengeance, you can be reasonably comfortable that its genuine.

I’m finding myself searching on Twitter first, and then using other search engines to verify the results. There’s lots of Office Live customers using Twitter too – try a Twitter search for ‘Office Live’ or ‘Officelive’ and you’ll find people using Twitter to ask questions, get feedback on their website, promote their business, find out about document sharing, and more.

This article in the Guardian gives some good insight into how Google and Twitter may work together for mutual advantage in future.

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