Here’s an email I sent internally today. Some fellow Twits thought I should blog and Tweet this, so here goes…

“Now that OfficeLiveGuy has been established for a couple of months, I thought it might be a good time to provide a short update on progress.

The first point I want to make is that this stuff is hard work and extremely time-consuming :

· 57 blog posts on, each of which typically gets 300-400 views, although one on the 2009 budget has topped 3,000

· 87 Tweets on Twitter, plus numerous replies, re-Tweets and direct responses. Only around 150 followers to date

· 95 questions answered on the Office Live forum, with 34 defined as “best”

· Numerous comments posted on others forums and blogs, in an attempt to drive traffic back to OLG

Learnings :

1. Completely under-estimated the time investment required to make Social Media successful for Office Live in the UK

2. The more topical and controversial blog postings and Tweets are, the higher the readership

3. It’s really not at all easy to keep up an interesting, regular flow of Office Live-related articles

Next steps :

We’re planning a short viral video, based on the theme of students losing their USB keys while at University (but equally applicable to anyone who relies on a USB stick for storing data). The call to action will be to save important documents in an Office Live WorkSpace. More on this in future....

Ask :

Please help by including links to and wherever you can :-)

Any other tips or feedback will be gratefully received !”

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