With the number of Office Live users now into many millions around the world, I thought it a good time to document the many ways to get help, support and other resources relating to Office Live.

1. There’s the Office Live email support service, which is available to all users 24x7 with a 4 hour response time :

Go to at http://support.officelive.com and fill in the simple online form to generate an email support case. You will be automatically issued with a ticket number for future reference.

2. There’s a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that’s particularly useful for new users.

For Office Live Small Business FAQ, go to http://smallbusiness.officelive.com/FAQ

For Office Live Workspace FAQ, go to http://workspace.officelive.com/FAQ

3. There’s also Community (or Forum) Support available, which I personally find invaluable.

Just enter your Office Live Small Business question into the search box at http://ask.officelive.com/smallbusiness/

Or do the same for Office Live Workspace at http://ask.officelive.com/workspace/

4. Video tutorials are available from www.youtube.com/officelive, and there are some webcasts at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/smallbusiness/products/office-live/webcasts.mspx 

5. If you’re into Social Media, ask a question of http://twitter.com/office_live or http://twitter.com/officeliveguy. Similarly, you could become a fan of www.facebook.com/officelive

I hope this helps !

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