Below are some announcements about Web design and domain management improvements, plus some offer and policy changes.

Web Site improvements :

1. More design options (images, layouts, colours) - new themes have been added to the existing options in the Web Site design tool, including new colour sets, new header styles and new image categories (Scenic and Landscape, Nature and Wildlife, Friends and Family, Weddings and Celebrations) providing further options for your site

2. Better header customisation - the header image and site logo functions on the Web Site design tool have been combined into a single page header customisation feature, making this area of your site even easier to design

3. Easy video module - a new video module has been added, making it easier to display videos on your site that are hosted with another service, like YouTube

4. New zone background image: You can now use a background image within an individual zone on the page

Domain Manager improved

Domain Manager page has been re-designed to make this area easier to work with. There’s a new step-by-step "wizard" to guide you through the process of adding new domain names, redirecting a domain from another provider, and renaming an existing default fourth-level domain name (example:

Change in Domains offer

For more than a year now, we've been running a promotional offer on domain name registration that provides the first two years for free (or the first year free for .com, .org, .eu or .net). Starting today, that promotional offer is no longer available on new domain name purchases. Instead, domain name registration will be offered at the current two-year price of £10.99, which works out less than 50p per month.

The domain name purchase still includes 100 free email accounts, each with 5GB of storage, and you still get a lot for free when you sign up for Office Live Small Business, including:

  • Free Web hosting for your Web site
  • Free, easy-to-use Web Site design tools
  • Free Web Site reports
  • 5GB of free online document storage and sharing
  • A free fourth-level domain

Please note that if you purchased a custom domain name under the previous offer that provided the first period for free, your offer still applies and you won't be charged until your domain name comes up for renewal.

Customer support changes

Another area in which we are making some changes is customer support. Previously, we offered free telephone technical support to new customers within their first 30 days. All other customers received free support through email and our active community.

Going forward, however, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue telephone support. Our customer support representatives are among the many active participants in our community site, and you can still send email if your question or issue can't be resolved there.

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