Within Office Live Small Business, there is a simple ‘Image Gallery’ tool that allows several images to be displayed on your website as a slideshow. The slideshow controls can also be exposed so that the slideshow can be paused, clicked through and individual images enlarged. Try an example here : http://mrsbouquetflorists.web.officelive.com

Whilst this is a quick and simple way to display images, it can be a bit limiting. People often ask “how can I display thumbnails of images that can be clicked on to enlarge them ?” This can be done in Office Live, but a couple more steps are required :

  1. Upload the full-size images you want to display into Document Gallery
  2. Create thumbnail-sized copies of the images, using any image editor like the Picture Manager tool that comes with Microsoft Office
  3. Upload the thumbnail images into Image Gallery
  4. Position the thumbnails where you want them on a page on your website. You might choose to put them in a table, but its actually not necessary
  5. Now, for each thumbnail image, hyperlink it to the full-size image that’s in the Document Gallery (click the hyperlink button, choose the ‘My Documents’ radio button and choose from the images)
  6. Complete this step for each image
  7. The end result might look something like this : http://AdventureWorksUK.Web.officelive.com/gallery.aspx

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