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About Tim Kimber : OfficeLiveGuy


Thanks for looking at the OfficeLiveGuy site. I pulled this together to be a focal point for Office Live users in the UK, whether collaborating on Office Live WorkSpace or building a web presence with Office Live Small Business. Postings will tend to be a mixture of important product updates, along with commentary about small business, social media, collaboration and so on.


I’ve been with Microsoft for several years, in the UK subsidiary and EMEA HQ, and have spent quite a bit of time on the Redmond (Seattle) campus. I’ve had a wide variety of roles, but most of them have involved some mix of Small/Medium Business, Windows, Office, Small Business Server and more recently the web service offerings of Office Live.


Office Live first arrived in the UK in November 2006, and has gone from strength to strength since then. There are now literally many millions of Office Live users, in both WorkSpace and Small Business guise. We now count our annual growth in how many more millions will join over the coming year.


My background is the business side of engineering, PC hardware, PC software and now web services. The next 5 to 10 years are going to see some big changes in IT and I’m delighted to be a part of it.


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  • The Office Live Guy

    I Phone Therefore I Am

    Well, that was lively. Twitter went crazy for a few hours as the upgrade to software for a certain Smartphone went completely through the roof briefly when it was released. Clearly Microsoft has a vested interest in loving it when this happens and it...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Need a free, online Contact Management system ?

    Most people are aware that Office Live Small Business provides free website and email. However, less well known is the fact that an online Contact Management system is also included, which for many small businesses can be the first step towards a CRM...
  • The Office Live Guy

    What does the budget mean for you ?

    On first seeing last Wednesday’s budget, I was tempted to think that most people have got off fairly lightly. However, now I’ve had more time to think about it, I’m not sure this is the case. For a start, we’re going to be paying the 2p/litre increase...
  • The Office Live Guy

    What's missing with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook ?

    There’s been quite a bit of media comment recently on the release of Google Apps sync for Microsoft Outlook. Google are pitching this as some sort of breakthrough that will remove a barrier for customers to transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Blog Standard – How to do it

    I’ve been writing a book on social networking lately – out in October, thanks for asking, called This Is Social Media, and inevitably one of the things under discussion is blogging. There’s a debate about the best way to blog; you can host it yourself...
  • The Office Live Guy

    ‘Staycation’ in a Yurt in Devon on Office Live

    This year we decided to take a summer break at home in England; the Blackdown Hills of Devon in the south-west of the country, to be precise. As fairly keen walkers, we have a great love of the open countryside and a growing interest in all things...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Multimap add-in for Outlook

    If you’re looking for a quick, simple way to add maps to your meeting requests, email signature, contacts and more, then the new Multimap add-in for Outlook could be just what you’re looking for : Read more about the add-in here Of course, you...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Get Office Live email on your mobile

    With more and more of us out and about much of the time, reading email on a phone is rapidly becoming the norm. Since Office Live mail is based on the Hotmail platform, you’ve been able to browse to or for quite a while. However...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Safari support for Office Live Workspace

    For all Mac users out there, Office Live Workspace now has Safari support, detailed here : This is good news for Office Live generally. As far back as 2006 , Chief Technology Officer Ray Ozzie was talking about how...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Change to Office Live Small Business Domain name policy

    As of 1st October 2009, Microsoft Office Live Small Business will no longer offer free domain name renewals. For details of how this will affect your Web site and e-mail, or to learn how to renew your domain, please review the following list of frequently...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Use Publisher to build an Office Live website

    At last week’s Business Startup Show , several visitors asked if they could use various website editing tools with Office Live. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. The beauty of Office Live is that you start with the basic templates, which are very easy...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Mac Office SP2 allows saving to Office Live Workspace with Safari 4

    It’s official. The second service pack update to Office 2008 for Mac improves speed and stability whilst also adding new features for connecting to SharePoint servers and to Microsoft's Office Live Workspace . Office Live Workspace is also now expanding...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Office Web Applications

    The Technical Preview of Office Web Applications has just been added to a select group of Skydrive users around the world. Check out the video below to learn more about what’s coming with the Word Web App, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Create a gallery in Office Live with image enlarging

    Within Office Live Small Business, there is a simple ‘ Image Gallery ’ tool that allows several images to be displayed on your website as a slideshow. The slideshow controls can also be exposed so that the slideshow can be paused, clicked through and...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Using third party html editing tools with your Office Live website

    I often come across people who would like to use an html editor, rather than the templates provided, to build their website on Office Live. You can use any html editing tool with Office Live but have to go through a couple of simple steps first : Within...
  • The Office Live Guy

    An Office Live tribute to Michael Jackson

    With the sad news that Michael Jackson passed away yesterday, I can confess to having searched online for a few video clips of the genius at work. Whilst doing this, it occurred to me that this might be a good time to test the new video embedding module...
  • The Office Live Guy

    How to get Office Web Apps on Windows Live

    Now that the Beta of Office 2010 is publicly available, anyone can try the Office Web Apps on Windows Live as follows : 1) Download the Office 2010 beta , installing it onto your PC 2) Save a document to SkyDrive from Office 2010 : ...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Run a PowerPoint presentation from a netbook without Office installed

    With thousands of people around the globe testing the Office Web Apps, some of the uses to which they’re being put are starting to emerge. I particularly liked this story about a PowerPoint presentation, made to a University class, from a basic netbook...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Office 2010 Beta

    The Beta for Office 2010 was made available for download on 18th November 2009. Get it here : There’s also a comprehensive website, called , which is designed to share...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Domain name reshuffle

    OK, it's like this. The Internet is about to have its most substantial overhaul ever - in 2010, if current plans come to fruition, domain name registration is going to change. ICANN, the authority that polices domain names, is about to make substantial...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Richard Branson’s PitchTV can help Office Live customers

    Never one to miss a PR opportunity, Richard Branson has cleverly released a very timely opportunity for entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, including those using Office Live , to upload short video pitches about their businesses to this page on Virgin...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Microsoft Wave

    Microsoft Wave is a new portal that shows the breadth of new technology that the company is involved in. There are sections on : Hardware – Mediaroom, Surface & Xbox 360 Software – Online services, Worldwide Telescope and Gaming Some key technology...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Office Live Workspace helps you get more out of your Netbook

    I was just scanning the Office Live Workspace blog and came across this article about how Office Live Workspace can help make your Netbook handy anywhere . The premise of the article is that for some users, putting an Office Suite on your Netbook is...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Britains Got Talent – Stavros Flatley better than Susan Boyle ?

    This blog posting is a somewhat experimental way of checking if highly topical subjects increase traffic to your blog site and Twitter account. Admittedly, it’s got precious little to do with Office Live . Personally I’m a bit bored with the whole Susan...
  • The Office Live Guy

    The Harley Slack Fund website – built on Office Live

    This is quite a well-designed Office Live website, put together for a very sad reason. Harley is unfortunately critically ill with meningitus B and the site talks about the disease, a fund-raising charity bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands End,...
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