OfficePalooza is an online competition that tests your skills in Visual Basic for Applications, teaches you new skills, and above all, ensures that you have some fun with it.

April, 2009

  • OfficePalooza

    Day 9

    Day 9 of OfficePalooza. Yes, that’s right, Day 9. Only one more day left. But don’t be sad, just make sure you get the final two events done by 8:00 AM PDT tomorrow (Friday, May 1, 2009). But before you do that, take a look at some of the great information...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 8

    It’s Day 8, and Challenges 7 and 8 were due this morning. Scores are still being updates as more entries come in. Take a look to see how you did ( Novice , Experienced ). Only two more challenges to go! And guess what? Today is Microsoft Office PowerPoint...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 7

    It’s Day 7, and guess what we have in store for today? Today is Office Communicator/Office Communications Server Day ! Yes, that’s right, two products for one! But these two products are so closely tied together that it just makes sense to highlight them...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 6

    We’re back for Week 2 of OfficePalooza! Challenges 5 and 6 were due this morning. Check our solutions and see how they compared to yours. We know, some of you might just be hearing about OfficePalooza, and here it is more than half over. (Even on the...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 5

    OfficePalooza Day 5 is here! Challenges 3 and 4 were due today. Take a look at the solutions to those challenges that we came up with. We’re halfway through this two-week event, but we’re not halfway through the challenges yet. Two more are due first...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 4

    It’s Day 4 of OfficePalooza! Two more challenges in each division are due tomorrow, Friday, April 24, by 8:00 AM PDT. Head to the Home page to check your scores (we have a couple of ambitious people who've already earned 100 goldfish!) and view...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 3

    Today is Day 3 of OfficePalooza! The deadline is up for the first two challenges in both the Novice and Experienced divisions. Be sure to check our solutions and see how they compare to yours. Keep in mind that your solutions don’t have to match ours...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 2

    Welcome to Day 2 of OfficePalooza! Just one more day to get those first couple of challenges done. Don’t forget to check out the Home page, where we have links to everything you need. And guess what? Today is Microsoft Office Visio Day ! No, there...
  • OfficePalooza

    Day 1

    Welcome to Day 1 of OfficePalooza! Take a look around then get started on your challenges. The first two challenges are due by Wednesday, April 22 at 8:00 AM PDT. Good luck! Home . This where you’re going to want to go every day to review challenges...
  • OfficePalooza

    April 20 - May 1, 2009

    The countdown has begun! We’re closing in on the debut of OfficePalooza, some of the most fun you’ll ever have with Microsoft products. (Okay, Xbox might be a little more fun, but this is a close second.) We have a little preview here of what you’re in...
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