Today the beta 1 technical refresh got released internally and it looks great :-)

First impressions

  • New look is nicely polished.  This really does look the business now.
  • Its fast.  The live previews are stunning.
  • Galleries are more extensive and rich
  • More robust and stable generally
  • Outlook seems faster, more stable and search is well nippy
  • Excel and Word – both look cooler and the UI glitches are fixed.  Galleries looking good, live preview much better. 
  • Better Ribbon - the chunks are arranged better, tabs are cleaner
  • PowerPoint – wow!  This has seriously had a face lift.  Very stable and fast.
  • Groove – reinstalled, everything just works without any recreation of workspaces. J

So far I’m liking this a lot.


Here is a small taster for you: