We had a good turn out at the Technet beer and pizza event in Reading this week.  Thanks for all your kind comments.  I said that I would post the slides so here they are.  I'm having a few issues with anonymous access on my support site so if it asks for credentials just cancel and it should let you in anyway.  The final link to the archive on the Technet site will be here (should have the deck there by next week).

The demos I covered were:

  • user interface in 2007
    • The ribbon etc in Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Outlook 2007
    • search, RSS feeds, offline documents
  • OneNote 2007
    • integration with Outlook
  • Enterprise Content Management
    • the new SharePoint v3 look
    • different document library templates
    • creating custom columns and enforcing metadata on documents
    • creating custom content types
    • using InfoPath 2007 to create custom Information panels for metadata in documents
    • Adding workflow, archival and Information Rights Management policies to documents and content types
  • Business Intelligence
    • Connecting to analysis services in SQL via Excel and drilling down via pivot charts and pivot tables
    • Using Visio as a drill down tool

I also prepared a demo on Project Portfolio Manager Server 2007 which I ran out of time to show.  I will be recording some more of these to add to the collection of blogcasts.

Some good questions on the night:

  • I like the indexing and search capabilities of Outlook.  My company uses roaming profiles so will the index move with me if I log on from a different PC?
    • because psts and the ost file do not roam, it doesn't make sense to move an index either.  Besides, its a big file to lug around the network with you.
  • Can I customise the way the panes minimise in Outlook so the don't go on the sides but maybe at the bottom?  (I'm getting a crick in my neck)
    • no sorry.

The best comment goes to a chap who asked why, in 2007, are we still using a floppy disk as the icon for "save"???? :-)

If I've forgotten a question I said I'd get back to you on please post a comment here.