Weds and Thurs this week we held the second ever UK Office Developer Conference following on from the success of last years one.  This time we were in the Hammersmith Novotel and had about 400 or so developers, 26 sessions over the two days, hands on labs with 40 PCs.  I love the devcon because its full of enthusiastic people excited about the applications they can build on the 2007 Microsoft Office system platform.
As I had the privilege of paying for the event out of my budget this year, I thought I'd go down for a snoop about and catch the mood - and of course talk to some of the ringleaders of this fantastic event.  See my candid camera interviews with them and what they have to say about the event

Well done everyone!
P.S.  Jessica Gruber mentions she will be posting answers to questions she received at her "adventure girl" blog.