I never fail to be amazed at how motivating new kit is to a techie.  I'm also slightly pleased to observe this is still the case for me even though I have clearly lost it and sold out to the crayon-weilding lovies at the in-touch-with-our-feelings end of the Microsoft campus.  So I must pay homage to the best free marketing gift ever, my brand new HP tc4400.

Thanks to our friends at HP, I now have an absolute blinder of a machine.  Duo core with 4Gb of RAM it can run my SharePoint VPCs with 2.5Gb RAM dedicated to the image.  The server runs in the VPC as quick as our actual team server and I have NO dependencies on any external technology.  I do not have to get an internet connection at the customer site to connect back to the office or even an externally hosted SharePoint to do my demos.  I will not have the experience of half way through my demo using a server in the building, having that server be rebooted while I'm trying to do excel services in the cinema style Chicago demo room (as happened in front of the MVP audience in last week). 

It's really not that heavy either and for demos it is perfect.  nice and portable with all the power I need to make the demo look great.  Even using the desktop apps against the server all within the same VPC image, it is very snappy.

We are also getting full docking stations and the extended life batteries.  eeeeek I can hardly contain my nerdy excitement.

So here she is - my new demo companion.  We are inseperable.  ** sigh **


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