billcesGreat demo as expected for the Consumer Electronics Show during Bill's keynote delivered by Justin Hutchinson.  Watch the video or just read my transcript of the demo below.




  • Vista search to find a document
  • "windows vista is not about searching its about finding". 
    • Can search across all the machines in your home network.
  • Thumbnail previews and layout region preview of word doc.
  • restored older version of the document using versioning at the OS level
  • Used document themes in Word with live preview and styled a photo
  • Live search to show virtual earth 3D technology using an xbox 360 controller to drive around the town with travel information.
  • Media Center on Vista: sports lounge and Fox  Shows realtime information and alerts shown around the live footage.  Scores for games set for tracking.
  • Video On Demand services from new partnerships
  • 2 billion photos were taken last year.  Photo Gallery.  DVD maker making your own DVD using a range of themes with slideshows, videos and "extras"
  • Ultimate extras:
    • Group shot. combine the good bits of two pictures (used two with kids who keep shutting their eyes) seamlessly making the shot you wish you'd taken
    • motion desktop:  set any video as your desktop background

Other demos

  • showed playing games in multiplayer mode over live but using vista with a 360 handset
  • HD demos on Xbox and IPTV on Xbox.  Can chat with friends while watching TV.
  • futuristic mock ups
    • projection of menus onto the kitchen worktop surface
    • large interactive video wall in a bedroom

Other announcements

  • Ford's new implementation of the autopc, "Sync". 
    • call audio transferable via bluetooth to the car audio automatically
    • reads text messages outloud
    • all portable music players inc usb devices and flash drives
    • upgradable platform
    • will be out this year on 12 models inc new Ford Focus