Can you arrange to never delete documents but have them archived even if they are deleted?

contributorThe contributor role effectively prevents a user from deleting anything.  A policy on the folder could auto archive all documents put there.  There is no way for items in the recycle bin to be auto archived AFAIK.

Is there a way to publish contacts from the GAL to a contacts library on SharePoint?

OK I've had a play around with this and although there isn't a specific "import from GAL" option in a contacts library, here is a fairly easy workaround:

  • in your contact library, connect it to Outlook using the actions button.  This creates another contacts folder in Outlook, linked to SharePoint
  • In Outlook, look up a contact from the GAL using the search address book bar and then use "add to contacts" to create a local copy.
  • Drag the contact into your SharePoint linked contacts folder.  This will sync it with the server and promote all the properties into the view.

Not ideal maybe but not too bad a workaround.

Access migration and compatibility

There were a few questions regarding how Access is affected by the change in file format and how to manage a migration. 

There is a very good article on this here.  Regarding working in a mixed environment it says:

You can use Office Access 2007 databases with previous versions of Access if you save the database in MDB file format. Previous versions of Access cannot open databases in the ACCDB file format. You can change the default file format for databases created in Office Access 2007. The new database template feature requires the ACCDB file format.

Previous versions of Access do not recognize new Office Access 2007 features. In general, previous versions of Access ignore new properties set in Office Access 2007, but these property values will appear again when the properties re-open in Office Access 2007.

The Access Compatibility Toolkit has been updated and is a part of the Office Migration Planning ManagerHere is documentation on how to use it.