Can the MOSS blogs be made publicly accessible with out exposing the rest of the site to the internet? From Chris Moon 

yes just permission it right and all should be well. so set up a blog site on your server and set anonymous access to it and that should work fine

Email categories are now colours in outlook. What happens when you run out of colours?

you have to use one colour for more than one category.  The tag that is added though is the name of the category and you can have as many categories as you need.

does the usb device control allow granular configs down to the level of allowing a specific brand, size, model of usb key?

yes even down to a specific USB class id which uniquely identifies a specific model of key.

How easy/hard is it 2 set up sharepoint frm scratch? Does it require any html xml or any other type of coding? Hw user friendly iz it for a novic

It doesn't require any development skills.  Just add WSS 3.0 to your Windows Server 2003 and install MOSS 2007 on top.   More here.  There is a guide to planning and deploying SharePoint Server there too.

How "well" does sharepoint services intergrate with Outlook 2003. Mark Gould

Taking docs offline, consuming RSS feeds and task integration in the to-do bar are all new in 2007.  2003 does support creating meeting spaces from calendar invites however.

darren mentiond that itz posible 2 lock certain usb drives i work in a school and want kids 2 b able 2 use ANY usb device mp3s etc this is hard 2

this is easy to define in the group policy

Can you tell us when Micosoft Office will be available as a 64 bit application?


unclear on product positioning. sharepoint vs groove for teamwork? nigel wareing

Groove is ideal if you are working cross company in a small team of highly engaged editors/authors.  It is best for time bounded projects where there is a high degree of mobile workers.  SharePoint is better for longer term projects and ones where you need a lot of readers to have access to the content, within your company.  There is no hard and fast rule but that might help.  Have a look at the groove blog, especially Groove vs SharePoint.

where do you start with sharepoint? I feel more overwhelmed than inspired! nigel wareing

Well the introduction to SharePoint Server 2007 might help.  I would start with loading up WSS 3.0 on a server and playing around with it.  From there you can download a free trial of SharePoint Server 2007.  There is lots of training available.  Check out this list.  I can also recommend the MS Press books which are coming out thick and fast now.  There are e-learning courses available too, most are free.  Also see the Enterprise Learning Framework for help to develop a training plan for employees.  Also useful is the SharePoint Server evaluation guide.

What are the main differenced between sharepoint services and the pay per user sharepoint versions.

The definitive list: Feature comparison spreadsheet between all SharePoint editions (WSS and MOSS based).  For upgrades, feature comparison document between SPS 2003 > 2007Evaluation Guide: General product positioning and overview of both platforms

so far the demos we hav seen 4 sharepoint all link 2 an intranet can sharepoint be used 4 a main company (or even a personal) website on the internet

Absolutely.  I didn't have time to go into this aspect of SharePoint Server but it now also encompases all the scenarios previously catered for by Content Management Server.  This makes it an ideal platform for the creation and ongoing management of a public facing website.

when will moss have a dfs-like capability for low bandwith and/or high latency networks? David Wilson

I believe this may be an area under consideration for Office "14".  In the meantime people still with 2003 can make use of ‘Planning and Designing SharePoint Products and Technology Solutions for Geographically Dispersed Sites’ so they are at least supported.  We contacted one of the authors, and there are no plans for a direct migration of this document to 2007, but we will publish similar information on our experiences through IT Showcase soon.  Depending on the circumstances a partner product like iOra for offline support might be a possibility where this is a problem.

how easy is it to upgrade sharepoint 2003 to 2007? Paul Newey Avidex ltd

see upgrading to SharePoint Server 2007

I paid online for office 03 that came preinstalled on the laptop I bought. I hope that when I upgrade to 07 I won't be asked to insert the 03 cd

no its pretty much new bits so it won't do that

What limitations are there to file types in share point. Andrew soper.

none - you can upload any file types to SharePoint

can you use sharepoint to publish realtime marketdata?

Well for truly real time information you probably want to use something more synchronous.  However an RSS feed into a Windows Vista gadget could be a good solution for you.

is it possible to access the different revisions of documents stored in SharePoint via the UNC path (spot the developer). Matthew Dudley.

I don't think so, no

Where has the PRINT button gone in Word and Excel? Trevor Branch

under the office button which kind of replaces the file menu.  If you want a print button always visible you could just add it to the Quick Access Toolbar