statlerwaldorf270.jpgAnother day, another social networking tool.  Seems like every week there's another blimmin internet startup craze to get your head round.  I remember the days when I would run off and start setting up my space/site/profile/friends list or whatever but now all I feel is fatigue at the thought of it. 

So this week its the turn of facebook - yeah I know, exponential adoption rate, yeah yeah, 2 hour average session time - longest on the web, valued at over a gazillion spondoolees already blah blah. So I set up my facebook site but can I be bothered to upload all my pictures to it?  Hang on what about flickr or is that suddenly sooo 2006??  Isn't this just LinkedIn with photos? Or am I thinking of friends reunited with pictures? or all these other rather dubious VC backed financial models.image  Thank goodness for ideas like Daniel's Internet Address Book that promises a world one day where I don't need to rent my content from big corporations and can avoid the relentless duplications.

No my attitude to facebook is containment not really engagement.  I may even set up an outlook rule to delete "xyz has invited you to be their friend" emails.  I'm perturbed by the somewhat goading "you have 1 friend" summary, right next to the oh so tempting "find friends" - I have lots of friends - real friends who drink beer or coffee not just upload imagephotos in a dark room.  And don't get me started on "poke her"!!?!  That can't be right surely?

Maybe I'm just getting old (finally), I can't help thinking that Chris Moyles is facile and find myself more interested in the old muppet men arguing on radio 4 - eek.  In my defense I do still like Zane Lowe and Annie Mac - inevitably that probably makes me look even more sad to whoever is still cool. 

Perhaps this is where a gen-Yer finds out they are not a gen-Z or whatever comes to supercede us.

Still I have to hang on to write ups like this one from Rupert Goodwins (zdnet) last year:

It used to be the case that you were getting old when the policemen started to look young. Now, Father Time makes his presence felt by sending a Microsoftie who looks like the lead singer from Kaiser Ferdinand or whoever it is the kids currently cut their rugs to these days. He's even got a rawk-n-roll name, Darren 'Strangely' Strange, and from hints we gather during the presentation he may also go by the name Office Rocker (geddit?).Whether he's quite this Strange, we do not know.

Oh well, please be my friend so I feel wanted again, just so I can ignore you :-)