Car Shopping Do you want fries with that?  We call it 'attach' - and there are some crazy examples out there:

  • PC World started offering a free PC with an Orange broadband contract.  This seems to have ended now but is says they are offering £300 off selected laptops instead.
  • RedTen have picked up instead though offering a free PC with their broadband.  They are offering an 8Mb connection with a free pentium 4 desktop for £12.99/month or a tosh laptop for £17.99
  • Printers like this HP Deskjet D2460 for £30 where the ink packs you need to replenish it with cost £30 as well (or Epson Stylus D92 inkjet only cost £34 yet the ink pack for it costs £22).  So with free delivery, its actually cheaper to buy a new HP printer than to buy the ink for it when it runs out!
  • I heard Gillette are running a clever campaign, sending new mach razors to teenage lads on their 16th birthday - when of course the blades they'll be buying for evermore cost as much if not more.  Great razor mind you.

So what next?  Will BP or Shell start offering a loyalty scheme where you only buy petrol from them but you get a free car every few years? 

It feels analogous to the shift towards software + services to me where increasingly you pay (more) for the service but less up front.

Got any more examples of these kind of crazy attach scenarios?