The Microsoft Store launches today.  This is limited to the UK and Germany - not even the US have this yet. Have a look at http://www.microsoftstore.co.uk This is the first time Microsoft has made our products available to the customer to buy online direct from us.

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300x250_whiteBackgroundThis is quite a radical move that allows a customer buy our products direct from us in a very easy and convenient way.  You will find the full range of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 suites, Works and Expression.  You can buy online and download the media. 

Online Software Locker

A very cool aspect of buying from the Microsoft store is that you can just download the software and start using it immediately.  Your keys are all kept on the site so you can always re-download it if you ever need to, removing the need for physical DVDs.  However if you really like the disks in your hand you can order them for a small P&P fee.