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  • Blog Post: Can you all update your sections of the document and email it back to me?

    Professional life teaches you to make adjustments to your normal mode of working at times.  Sometimes you have to adapt your style and consciously do things differently.  If you've ever worked in a big blue chip, you will be familiar with this kind of coaching.  If you tend to fly off...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft, we like you in your Dad jumper, just get off the dance floor

    We thought we'd reach out to students with the incredible offer that became . If you are not familiar with it - for anyone with a email address, you can get the Ultimate version of Microsoft Office (yes the one that normally costs £650 or so) for £38.95. ...
  • Blog Post: I have love for you if you were born in the eighties

    I find myself morbidly drawn to my own impending obsolescence. When I joined Microsoft at the age of 26, the average age was 26. Now that I'm 36, the average age is now 36. Perhaps that's because nobody ever leaves Microsoft, they just get old? And so being mr off the peg Microsoft, I am something of...
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