Our friends from Max have been busy.

Not only are they cranking away at a beautiful WinFX app, but they're taking time to blog about their adventures.

Ben has blogged about IScrollInfo [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]. If you are making your own panel and want a ScrollViewer to party over it, start here.

Dan is blogging about creating a virtualized panel (for putting lots of data in a list). [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

If you haven't heard, IE7 is beautiful. One of my first blog posts was about Mozilla 1.5. About the same time the IE team was getting rolling again. They have done some amazing work. Check it out.

Today Bea, Namita, and I met with some folks from the VB team to chat about integrating their new language features with WPF data binding. Wow! I know there are some C# guys out there laughing at VB. Guys and gals: download the demo. You may soon forget your love of semicolons. Mmm...XML inline with code...*drool*. (Oh, and check out Bea's post on doing grouping with ItemsControl. Very cool.)

Have you been reading about InfoCard? You should be. Kim is your man. Check out his blog.

On a personal note, I've been having fun updating the Bag-O-Tricks for our next public release. I stayed up late on Valentines Day hacking away as a Valentines gift to you, my loyal readers. I've added some new things that I've been asked about. I've also put all of the controls in an external library which includes default styles. This is for control authors that want to ship a control with its template in a single library.

Also, the team that built the WPF ListView has a bunch of samples that they should be posting very soon. People have been asking about a TreeView with columns. Let's just say the power of WPF composition will blow you away.

Stay tuned.