In case you haven't heard, the WinFX February CTP has been released. If you haven't downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for! Go! Get it! Now!

Alright, as is the custom, I've posted a new and improved drop of my Bag-O-Tricks.

In this release:

  • TreeView Double-click - Lot's of people seem to want to know when a TreeView/ListBox Item has been double/triple clicked. Here's how you do it.
  • Visual Tree Viewer - Ever want to know what elements are actually getting created by a template? Here's a novel way to debug your WPF app...using WPF!
  • TreeMapPanel - I posted this sample last year around the PDC. Here's the refresh for February CTP. (Actually, I didn't have to touch the code at all.)
  • NumericUpDown Control - One of the controls we don't have in the box, but everyone asks about. It's not completely done, but it should give people a good start if they want the control.
  • File organization - I've also created a second assembly in the Bag-O-Tricks for the controls. This demonstrates how to have styles in an external library plus their default templates.