Control Licensing in Cider (WPF designer for VS)
James provides some great information on supporting licensing for controls in WPF.

Jamie is blogging like a mad man
Jamie is going through some old posts by Bea and updating them for recent bits. He also walks through how everything works in EID (Expression Interactive Designer).

Dan is not on the WPF team--he works on Max--but he's doing a great job plugging our technology. Read his write up on virtualizing panels [1, 2, 3, 4]. Then take a look at his discussion on DataModel-View-ViewModel [Part 2]. Very similar stuff to what John Gossman wrote about a while ago.

More on network neutrality
A great write-up of the current state of things on The most interesting bit.

Thus far powerful phone and cable companies have spent an estimated $100 million on lobbyists, lawyers, “Astroturf” groups, campaign contributions and advertising agencies in a drive to dismantle Net Neutrality and mislead Americans.

The scary result:

...for every $1 spent by the grassroots to defend Net Neutrality, the phone and cable companies have spent approximately $500 to drown it. [Emphasis mine.]

Yesterday I posted some additional links and ways to get involved. Get involved!