Todd Gallagher answers the weird sports questions you always wondered but knew were too stupid even to ask. Think of it as the sports version of Mythbusters.

  • Would a team of midgets be the greatest offense in baseball history, because they would draw walk after walk after walk?
  • Could a morbidly obese goalie shut out an NHL team?
  • Could an average person beat a professional tennis player if the pro had to use a frying pan instead of a racquet?

Well, he sort of gives away the answer to the last question in the title of his book, Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan. The stories behind how he set about finding the answers to these absurd questions are even more entertaining than the answers themselves! Here's an interview with Only a Game's Bill Littlefield. [Direct link - Real format]

On a somewhat concidental note, tonight I'm going to watch the Seattle Thunderbirds take on the Tri-City Americans, making good on my earlier admission of the possibility of seeing another hockey game. Hopefully with normal-sized goalies.