When one of the oldest computers at Microsoft still doing useful work finally died, I had the presence of mind to salvage the 5¼″ floppy drive from the machine, so that I could (someday) extract the data off all the old 5¼″ floppy discs I have packed away in boxes meaning to convert someday. (Mind you, the data capacity of a giant box of 5¼″ floppy disks is approximately equal to half of a CD.)

Oh, and by the way, if you know what a floppy drive is, then this question on superuser.com will make you feel old.

I thought I was so clever, salvaging an old floppy drive from a dead computer so I could use it to rescue data from obsolescence, but that was only thinking one step ahead. I failed to think two steps ahead: Nobody makes motherboards with 5¼″ floppy drive connectors!

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