Poseurs will call Windows versions by their programmatic version numbers. For example, they will call Windows Vista "NT6" and Windows 7 "NT6.1". Trust me, nobody on the Windows team calls the products by their programmatic version numbers. Whenever anybody says "NT6" I have to go to Wikipedia and look up what they're actually talking about. If I even care to bother, and usually I don't.

Actually, since I work in the client division, I also have to go look up what Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 corespond to. People will ask question about client-related issues on server, and we have to go back and match it up.

It's like TV insider poseurs who refer to episodes as "Season 3 Episode 9" instead of by their title or just a plot description. If you say to somebody who works on a TV show, "In season 3 episode 9, Anna clearly states that she is an only child, yet in season 5 episode 12, she talks about her older sister," they will have no clue what episode you're talking about.

They will also tell you to get a life.

Bonus chatter: The phrase "clearly states" is a pretty good tip-off that you're dealing with somebody who needs to get out of their parents' basement more.