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  • Blog Post: The Excel Spatial Spreadsheet (Part Deux)

    I hope everyone had a great holiday and that Santa was good to you. My kids made out like troopers this year with the grandparents buying them a Wii. Yes I know I work for Microsoft -- but we already have an XBOX 360 – actually we have 2 of them but that’s another story. I probably should feel more...
  • Blog Post: The Goowey DBA v.s. The Script Jockey DBA, a.k.a the cool tools I saw at TechEd.

    Good Afternoon, While we strive to make SQL Server the easiest and most efficient database to manage, we will likely always have some gaps with each release. Frankly, that's where 3rd party tool vendors and partners have a unique ability to help DBAs achieve even greater levels of manageability and...
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