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    Windows 8: Hyper-V on Client

    Hyper-V on Client – Windows 8 Pro My Top-4: Hyper-V on Client Overview For this new release of Microsoft® Windows®, Microsoft is making available a virtualization technology known as Hyper-V™. With Hyper-V on Windows 8...
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    Windows 8: Trusted Boot: Secure Boot – Measured Boot

    My Top-3 Trusted Boot: Secure Boot – Measured Boot One of the benefits of a UEFI configuration is that it supports signing and verification for UEFI executable files, up to and including the boot manager, which implements the boot menu in Windows 8. Secure...
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    Windows 8: Safety and Security

    Safefy and Security in Windows 8 My Top-5: Safefy and Security – Windows Defender ® and SmartScreen ® (now built into the entire OS) Overview In Windows® 8, Windows Defender provides real-time protection from all forms of...
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